Pisanitsa Il'inka

Pisanitsa Il'inka is located to the north-west from Shalabolinskaya Pisanitsa, 1.8 km to the southeast from Il'inka village of Kuraguinskiy Rayon of Krasnoyarskiy Kray. The object is located on the rocky outcrops of the Devonian sandstone, on the right bank of the river Tuba. Petroglyphs are found at a height of 3-4 m from the ground surface. 

The object was found in 2002 by the detachment of the certification of archeological sites of the V.P. Astafiev Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University under the direction of A.L. Zaika.

A number of panels of the site are in an emergency state due to the impact of erosion processes and the crumbling of the rock crust.

Chronological framework of the site is Neolithic-Middle Ages. Ethnographic drawings and inscriptions made in the 1920s are recorded on panels.