Image authors: V. Konokhov
Image copyright: Novosibirsk State University


Area 2.Panel 13


In the center of the panel, there is an image of an animal (moose-?) which has a typical features of the later Angara style. It is a contour image made with dense pecking of a medium size. Legs are made with paired lines, the animal is shown as if it walked. A body and a neck is separated from each other by a line, a muzzle is elongated with long ears shown with single lines. To the left of the animal, there is a single wavy pecked line and traces of single strokes. According to stylistic features, the image probably correlates with Okunevsky time.

Technical description

The panel size is 1.1x0.4 m. It is located on rocky outcrops of the Devonian sandstone in the lower tier of outcrops. It is turned south-east. 


  • Okunevo culture


  • Bronze age


  • Retouch


  • Angara style

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