Image authors: V. Konokhov
Image copyright: Novosibirsk State University


Area 2.Panel 5


The panel represents two zoomorphic images: on the left side, there is a figure of a bull, on the right side - an image of a bear. The bull is contour but has a silhouette head and a neck made with dense non-deep pecking. Front legs are placed in front, one of them is bent (an image of a walk). Above the head, there are arcuate big horns. The bear has only a line of a back turning into a head, and a lower jaw. The style of pecking is similar to the bull's pecking. On the head, we can see round ears. 

Technical description

The panel size is 0.6x0.4 m. It is located on rocky outcrops of the Devonian sandstone in the lower tier of outcrops. It is exposed to the south-east. 


  • Bronze age, Neolithic


  • Retouch


  • Minysinsk/Angara style

3D Models

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