Image authors: V. Konokhov
Image copyright: Novosibirsk State University


Area 2.Panel 10


On the panel, there are several images made with ocher (from left to right): two anthropomorphic figures placed on each other, to the right, there is an image on undefined animal. In the center of the panel, there is a large anthropomorphic mask with face divided into 3(2-?) parts by horizontal lines. The mask has a headdress (?). To the right, there are several zoomorphic figures and an anthropomorphic one. The eyeliner paint made when copying earlier makes it difficult to fully determine the images depicted. According to stylistic features, the presented drawings correlate with the Okunevskaya archaeological culture.

Technical description

The panel size is 3.6x1.4 m. It is located on rocky outcrops of the Devonian sandstone in the lower tier of outcrops. It is exposed to the south-east. 


  • Okunevo culture


  • Bronze age


  • Monochrome painting

3D Models

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