Image authors: V. Konokhov
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Level 1.Panel 1


The panel represents a multi-figured composition with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures made in different times. The figures are made with pecking, engraving, rubbing. On the left side of the panel, there are some single zoomorphic figures and non-figurative images made with dense pecking. In the central area, there are fantastic animals, "dancing" anthropomorphic figures and other zoomorphic figures (among them, the figure of a moose is of the particular interest because every its part made in different styles). On the right side, there are archaic figures of a moose and a bull. A moose's head is not remained. In later times, an anthropomorphic figure of a horseman was pecked covering the moose. 

Technical description

The panel size is 2.8x0.5 m. It is located on rocky outcrops of the Devonian sandstone in the lower tier of outcrops. It is exposed to the south-east. The surface is damaged by crumbling of the rock crust. Some of images are lost due to the rock destroying. 


  • Bronze age, Neolithic


  • Retouch, Engraving


  • Angara style, Minysinsk/Angara style

3D Models

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