Area 1a. Panel 1


In the right part of the panel, there are flat contour figures of two deers made with pecking. Single features of these images are correlating with the traditions of Tagarskaya culture but general negligence of making the images raises doubts about their cultural and chronological affiliation. Also the panel has some single pecked spots and a pecked bent line in the left part. 

Technical description

The panel is located at a height of 0.1 m from the ground surface on the rocky outcrops of the Devonian sandstone. The sizes of the panel are 3 x 0.45 m. It is exposed to the south. The panel is damaged by the crumbling of the rock crust. Modern inscriptions are recorded. 


  • Tagar culture


  • Early iron аge


  • Retouch


  • Scythian