Image authors: V. Konokhov
Image copyright: Novosibirsk State University


Area 6a. Panel 7


In the upper part of the panel, there is a contour image of a red deer with an image of a moose below. Both animals are made in a skeletal style. They have massive bodies with a small hump, short necks, heads with an elongated neck, horns, and limbs down. The red deer has a silhouette head. The figures are imaged with an inclination upward, as if rising uphill. Below the images, there are some partial zoomorphic figures. To the right, there is a zoomorphic figure of probably a roe deer. 

Technical description

On the panel, the rock is damaged. It is cracked, some blocks are broken. The lower images are badly patinated.


  • Neolithic


  • Retouch


  • Minysinsk

Page authors: V. Konokhov